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Chat Groupย 

ย In the WhatsApp (or telegram) Group, you get to chat one on one with Admins to address issues you are facing.

And for every platform or organization to move smoothly without setbacks, there must laws guiding them.

Read below careful before hitting the join button.

Group Rules and Regulations

For the safety of members and for a better user experience, we encourage all members partaking in this group activities to follow the rules and regulations guiding the group.

No Posting Of Links. If members should publish content with links, it must be permitted by admins.

Avoid Use Of Negative Words. All members are encouraged to chat as a family and avoid using offensive and insulting words on each other.

All discussions and conversations must be about the group's (or website's) purpose.

No member of this group is allowed to edit the group profile, be it Profile picture, Status & Description, Name, or whatever.

Misleading content and media (Text + Audio + Video) are not allowed in the group. Only contents relevant to the group purpose are accepted.

Copy and Paste contents are not allowed in the group.

the admin

Important Note: Any member who fails to abide by the rules and regulations of this group, will be removed from the group without warning โš ๏ธ.

Additionally, these laws may be updated from time to time without notice.