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What are the benefits of linking friends?

  • Significantly increase traffic, help your blog site to be known by many people and have a strong position on Google.
  • Linking together so that people can easily find, exchange and learn more useful information.
  • The admins of the blogs can contact each other and help each other in the process of blogging as well as designing the template for the blog.

Requirements when placing links - cooperation

  • Before commenting on this post, you must put the link of 5S Programming on your Blog first
  • Must have correct title, description and link pointing to 
  • If you remove the link on your site, I will also remove your link on XanderTech 

Which Blogs Will Not Be Affiliated?

  • Blog posts inappropriate content, pornographic content, 18+, issues related to anti-political, reactionary, ...
  • Blogs created for the purpose of Scam, fraud, trading banned goods, ...
  • Blogs copy too many posts without specifying the source.
  • Misrepresentation of fine customs and traditions of Vietnam.
  • News pages, tabloids, stabbing, distorting the truth.
  • Blog has been abandoned, inactive for a long time.

How to link with Xander tech. 

Simply put the link of XanderTech on your page first with the following content:

Display name: XanderTech 


Description: XanderTech - Blogging and Social media 

After you're done, just use the contact page below this post about your Blog:

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