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Last year Google ADS introduced Max performance campaigns, new ways to buy Google ads in all inventories, and are now launched to all advertisers.

Max Performance Campaign is a new way for advertisers to buy and optimize advertising throughout YouTube, display, search, find, gmail, and google maps.

Below are the main benefits of Max performance:

Increase conversion and value: take advantage of conversion opportunities in real-time with automatic bid adjustments.

Finding new customers: Google's real understanding of the intention, behavior, and context can help you target new audience segments with more relevant ads.

Getting Insights Richer: The page insight now includes data about Max performance campaigns.

Working together with automation: Driving better results with automation by providing high-quality creative assets and information about which audience tends to be converted.

According to Google, advertisers who use Max performance campaigns in their account witness an average increase of 13% in additional total conversion at the same cost per action.

Max performance offers unique benefits for local retailers and businesses because they have the opportunity to access inventory and ad formats that are not available with smart shopping or local campaigns.

Businesses can now run local campaigns on channels such as Youtube, search, and discover, which they could not do before.

"We will continue to invest in Max performance and improve our automation technology from time to time to help you get better results," Eduardo Indacochea, product management, Google ads, write in blog posts.

follow xandertech on google newsGoogle said that smart shopping and local campaigns will improve Max's performance in 2022. It will help advertisers get more value than Google ads while simplifying the number of campaigns to achieve their goals.

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