Cheap Data Plans For Android

Before you search somewhere else for costly data plans, wants to let you know why not consider one of the MTN modest data plans for Android. 

So your telephone is charged and you've embedded your SIM Card on it. Perhaps, you re-energized your MTN line and it's an ideal opportunity to purchase a data plan for your Android Smartphone. 

Cool, the plans I have remembered for this post works for both Android and iPhone clients. 

Furthermore, with no further Ado, how about we begin. 

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About MTN Cheap Data Plans 

MTN Nigeria, as quite possibly the most perceived organization in Nigeria, offers distinctive data group bundles for everybody to buy into and approach their #1 stuff on the web. 

Also, with the assistance of these data plans, you can peruse, stream and download Android applications, films, instructional exercises, games, live shows, and significantly more. 

Google as of late introduced a flag that urges you to fuel your hustle with a lot of substance given by Publishers.

In any case, how would you get to these things when you don't have data? 

MTN advises you not to stress by presenting an assortment of data designs that suits your perusing needs 

Fascinating right, that is not all. The Giant Network likewise gave stable organization administration to you to have extraordinary perusing encounters. 

That is the place where the MTN 4G/LTE comes in. MTN 3G/H+ is quick, 4G is quicker at the same time, 5GB is Superfast when perusing or download on the web. 

Presently we should continue with the MTN least expensive data plans for Android and iPhone clients. 

MTN Cheap Data Plans For Android 

This part contains the rundown of data packs for Android, iPhone, Java, Symbian, modem, and PC clients. 

In the wake of dissecting, I found the beneath bundles modest and moderate. So you will not discover a portion of the MTN day by day, week after week, end of the week or month to month plans on this rundown. 

MTN Welcome Back Special Data Plans 

MTN Welcome Back is an offer that gives you 600% the worth you re-energize, and 600% the data plan you buy after you play out no broadcast appointment or data exercises for 30 - 180 days on your line. 

Furthermore, clients that have not played out any data exercises for 60 - 180 days will gain admittance to the extraordinary data groups bundles made for them. 

The following are the uncommon modest designs for you: 

Get 250MB for N100. Sms WBD1 to 131 to buy-in. Substantial for 3days. 

Get 1GB for N200 on MTN. This arrangement gives you 1gigabyte for simply 2000naira. Benevolent content WBD2 to 131 and you get your data. Substantial for 7days. 

Get 2GB for N500. With 500naira, you will get 2gigabytes on MTN. Simply send WBD3 to 131 to enact it. Legitimate for 14days. 

Get 4GB for N1000. Re-energize 1000naira on your line, SMS WBD4 to 131, you will get an affirmation message from MTN that the enactment was fruitful. It goes on for 30days. 

MTN Double Data Plan 

To appreciate the twofold data pack you purchase MTN, you need to apply a couple of activities. Furthermore, when it comes out effectively, you are a great idea to go. 

Follow the strategies underneath: 

Open Messaging App On Your Android telephone. 

  • Sms "Twofold" to 131. 

You will get a message like the underneath: 

"Y'ello! Your solicitation has been handled by" or "Sorry the order you have entered is inaccurate". 

Ensure you get one of the messages above or both before continuing to the following stage. 

  • Disregard the message and SMS "Free" to "131". 

Presently you will get another message like; 

"Dear client, Enjoy Data offers on MTN Deal Zone, Dial *131*1#". 

From this second, any default data plan you purchase from MTN, you will get DOUBLE of it. 

  • Essentially dial *131*1# to purchase data and get a 100% reward. 

🔔Keep in mind, you should get the affirmation message above first. 

Other Cheap Data Plans For Android iOS Users 

You will discover the rundown of data group bundles to purchase at present. 

MTN 1GB for N300 

On this arrangement, you will get 1gigabyte to peruse the web for 300naira spent on broadcast appointments. 

Just dial *131*155# to actuate. It's legitimate for 1 day. 

MTN 200MB for N200 

Simply re-energize your line with N200, dial the basic code beneath to get 200megabyte data right away. 

  • Just dial *131*113# to buy-in. Substantial for 2days. 

MTN 2GB for N500 

You needn't bother with a lot. Utilize one of the MTN re-energize codes to stack 500naira broadcast appointment on your line, at that point dial the actuation code to get 2gigabytes. 

  • Dial *131*154# to buy into this arrangement. Substantial for 2days. 

MTN 300MB For N350 

With 350Naira, you will get 300megabytes to peruse and interface on the web. 

  • Dial *131*102# to begin. Substantial for 7days. 

Presently, it's an ideal opportunity to move to some BIGGER modest data plans for Android telephones. It works for different gadgets also. 

MTN 4.5GB For 2k 

You will 4.5gigabyte for 2000naira on your MTN line. 

  • Just dial *131*110#. Legitimate for 3days. 

MTN 10GB for N3500 

This is another data plan for Android. I consider it the " My Choice" data group bundle. With this arrangement, you can do all you need in one objective. 

  • Essentially dial *131*107# to actuate. Legitimate for 30days. 

MTN 15GB for N5000 

With 5000naira, re-energize on your line, you will be given 11gigabytes after dialing the short USSD code. 

  • Essentially dial *131*116# to actuate. Substantial for 30days. 

MTN 40GB For N10000 

You are offered 30days to debilitate the 40gigabytes which cost 10000naira on initiate. Furthermore, you are permitted to top-up whenever data is depleted before the expiry date. 

  • Just dial *131*150# to buy-in. 

MTN 75GB for N20000  

On the off chance that you like watching recordings (parody, instructional exercises, music, and so forth), you can buy into this arrangement, go on the web, look for your top picks motion pictures, and begin streaming. 

Be that as it may, pause! Is it conceivable to debilitate this data before its expiry date? 

  • Dial *131*118# to enact. It goes on for 60days (2months). 

MTN 120GB for N2300. 

To enact this arrangement, basically, dial *131*138#. It's legitimate for 60days. 


MTN Nigeria has various types of data group bundles for their supporters of purchase from and obviously, they additionally gave great organization inclusion to you to appreciate perusing on the web. 

In any case, one issue is the value, which I have given the MTN modest data plans for Android clients in this post. Another is the legitimacy, and yes the XanderTech modest data plans arrangement fixes that for you.

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