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Privacy policy is writing that informs about site management. For those whose blogs want to be used as a "moneysite" by placing advertisements or other forms of business, this privacy policy must be made. One of the requirements for registering Google AdSense must include a privacy policy page, a disclaimer , and a blog contact page .

The privacy policy can be made in English or Indonesian and written using self-assembled sentences. But now there are many websites that provide free online privacy policy making . Instead of trying to compose sentences, it's better if you try this privacy policy generator service.

How to Create a Privacy Policy for Blogger and WordPress

Open the service provider's website at this address:

and fill in all forms according to the blog data as shown below.

Privacy policy

Your Site Title: Blog name.

Your Site URL: Full blog address.

Contact Link: Contact us address or other page addresses that are used as a place to contact the blog owner.

Email Address: Email the blog owner.

After all filled in, click the button Generate privacy policy. A box will appear containing HTML code.

Privacy policy by Xander

Posts created successfully. Now it's time to create a Privacy policy menu on the blog . Create a new page (static page) by accessing the Pages» menu New page.

Privacy policy

Give the title and copy the HTML code from the privacy policy online generator to the Blogger text editor and click the buttonPublish.

Privacy policy

Done! You already have a privacy policy page on the blog. If it's still unclear, you can ask in the comments box below. 

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