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Looking for a possible way to contact Airtel Customer Service for any reason? will show 7 quick and easy way to contact Airtel Customer Service. 

Maybe you want to ask for information by collecting newly added services on Airtel or if you wish to file a complaint.

Whatever the case, this article will show you how to easily contact Airtel Customer Service via their phone number, e-mail address, WhatsApp issue and other possible media.

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1. Care Number to the Customer Airtel to speak with an agent or representative

With the Air Customer Customer Support Service Air Nigeria, you can easily call them and probably ask for help or investigate.

Simply call 111 or 112 of your Airtel line.

Airtel Customer Care 1

Or call 0802 150 0111

You will have to listen and follow the instructions correctly, you will be invited to wait a few seconds to talk with an Airtel representative on the line.

2. Airtel Customer Service Number Other Networks

I know you're asking how much it would be possible to connect to AIRTEL CUSTOMER CARE using another network to call.

Well yes. It's very possible.

Simply call +234 802 150 0111 or +234 802 150 0121 and you are logged in.

Airtel Customer Care 3

You will talk to an agent to consist of the problem you encounter with one of their products or services.

Meanwhile, you can always contact Airtel Customer Service by other ways. Please scroll and read more.

3. Airtel Care Email Address Airtel

Send e-mails to Airtel with the email address below:

[email protected]

 After that, you can have an answer from an Airtel agent or a representative give you the solution to your problem.

4. Airtel Care Center Airtel

Below you will find various AirStel service centers that you can access assistance or more information about Airtel products and services.

Visit L2 Banana Island Land, Invershore Estate, Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria.

You can always go to the call or the nearest Airtel message center asking people around your locality.

5. Airtel Chete Whatsapp Number

Do not hesitate to get in touch with the AirTel Care service on whatsapp with the numbers below:

  • 07010000116
  • 07010000117
  • 07010000118
  • 07010000119
  • 0701263111

This is really a good improvement in Airtel Nigeria, which allows you to chat with a specified representative to tackle the problems you may have.

Yeah, I personally love this means of communication. At least I can always talk to an agent to consist of his prepaid and postpaye plan or perhaps, complaints posed to the design of my recharge, check the details of the balance, network signals and coverage.


To get customer service around you, gently run a quick search for Google Map.

Type AIRTEL CUSTOMER CARE near me on Google

🚫Make sure you turn on your device location

Google will show you the clientele workshop of Airtel closest to your area and closing time.


Ask people a free air service center or cheap near you.

He is also cool to meet one representative one on one. It makes you clear everything for you.


Learn how to chat with Air Customer Service live with the web address below (or URL):

Airtel Live Chat

Dawn! Air no longer offers a customer support via the live discussion.

However, you can use other ways I highlighted in this article to contact them easily.


Nobody knows that when erroneous things are about to arrive, you may need to contact Airtel Customer Service in Nigeria to help solve all unusual problems.

And the guide above is everything you need to reach Airtel. You can send them emails, call them, chat with a representative one on one, write them a letter, visit their desktop and much more as shown above.

I hope it helps you?

Are there other ways of contact I have not added? Please mention them in the Comments section.

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