The easiest way to un-ban your WhatsApp number 

Welcome back to another article on xandertech, i have get a lot of massages on my WhatsApp asking me how cann i unban my WhatsApp number, WhatsApp can ban your number for some reasons , it may be your business account or normal account and you don't want to lose it so you have been looking for a solution on how to un-ban it don't worry cuz in this article you are going to learn it and is 100% working and is the easiest way all you have to do is to read this article to the end and follow.

So now let go to the main reason why you are here:

    Reasons Why WhatsApp Ban your Number

    1. Spamming; people many have reported you to WhatsApp.

    2. Forwarding massages to those that did not save your contact.

    3. Adding people, that doesn't save your contact to a group.

    How to un-ban your WhatsApp Number

    This is the easiest way to to get your number working on WhatsApp

    1. Download this latest GB WhatsApp   👈

    2. Install and lunch the app

    3. Sign in with the number that has been ban form WhatsApp

    4. Verify your number and you are done.


    Follow this steps and get your WhatsApp number back once the GB WhatsApp is working with your ban WhatsApp Number you can now download the main WhatsApp that if you need it and lunch it with that number you will not get a message that your WhatsApp Number as been Ban for using WhatsApp Tested and is working.

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