A recently launched game change application is defined to revolutionize the Nigerian fashion industry.

Developed by TECH Business, Catwalk CreaTens Limited, a sister company of Lassod Consulting, Oyoyo will communicate designers, tailors and weavers (ASO OFI) to Nigeria with a national clientele.

Designed and built by Nigerian technology engineers, the technologically advanced application is a digital ecosystem and a market that allows artisanal tailors, weavers and fashion designers to create online profiles to connect to national customers and of the whole world. Each profile has the designer's ability to create "books" seasonally or style "as well as to promote their specialties, skills and advertise their signature conceptions.Cured on the heritage of Nigerian fashion and of the traditional textile industry The application uses the technology to exploit the history of clothes designed and manufactured by individual mode designers and weavers and catalog them in an accessible format. Create this resource allows a simple pitchy and a point of reference for customers. Fashion artisans traditionally rely on word of mouth and repeat customers to develop their activities, travel to visit customers to discuss their needs and gain their measure. The application improves the model of Traditional customization exploitation by opening the market, removing obstacles to growth, building a strong Online presence and expanding their business opportunities. The unique advantage of Oyoyo is the intuitive feature "measurement management" that allows the mode designers to take, store and convert measurements from the individual in the desired format. By creating this ordering history, it provides transparency between tailor and client and improves productivity and quality levels.

Customers, or the Oyoyo Fashionistas As the app, can search, commit, comment and follow individual craftsmen and designers, as well as communicating them with their services and access their services. The Executive Chairman, Lanni Sanni said, "This is an exciting time for Cachewalk Creatacs and Lassod As Oyoyo is the first of our products to launch in Nigeria. I feel very proud that an idea of ​​a few years ago comes now. The use of visual technology in a very accessible way as a digital market, Oyoyo will present both national and international local talents. »

Oyoyo is supported by a leadership team based in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, Lindsay Burham-Lowes, General Manager and Party Olaniran, Intern.mr Sanni also disclosed: "As most of the development took place during the 12 Last months, the pandemic has proven that despite the distance of the teams, we all have a common goal to succeed. The impact of Oyoyo will have on the fashion industry in Nigeria is substantial and opens up new opportunities that were previously impossible. "

In addition to building the main team, the company recently undertook a recruitment program implementing a digital marketing team and a business development team. The company wants the extent of the extension and offers a complete internship program to develop talents in the region.Lander Sanni explained,

"Our mission is to create sustainable business opportunities through recruitment and technical innovation in Nigeria and the broader African continent. I know there is a multitude of talents and we have ambitious projects to use these skills. "

The Oyoyo application is available on Android and currently offers a free subscription for designers, tailors and weavers, as well as other professionals operating in the fashion industry. It will be free to access customers.

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