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What is Blogger

Due to several messages asking how can I create a free website without hosting? ūü§Ē.¬†

Now am going to teach you how to create a website without hosting using Blogger but before I start let me explain the meaning of Blogger.

Blogger is a platform where you can create a website without hosting Blogger is own by Google is trusted and safe, to get started all you need is a working Email account if you don't have Goto www.gmail.com or you can find the app on your phone if you don't have it go to Playstore and download it, once you have the Email address you are good to go put this in mind once you open the website (blog) they are no monthly fees or yearly fees is only when you apply a Domain name if you don't know what is Domain names, Domain names is your website address for, example; when you have a new friend that doesn't know your house all you have to do is to give him/her your home address and him/her will locate you with the address,

Examples of Domain names 

Examples: Domain names is xandertech.com.ng, google.com, facebook.com, etc so let's get started

Steps on how to create your blog 

Step 1: Go to Blogger.com click on the create your blog button

Xander tech

Step 2: once you click on it to create your blog it will take you to a page where you have to sign in with your email account 
Xander tech

Step 3: once you enter your Email address a new page will appear where you will put the name you want to appear in your blog post 
Xander tech

Step 4: After you have put the name you want it to appear on your blog post you will see a new screen where you have to put your website URL file it and wait for them to check if is available if is available you click on the Save button 
Xander tech

Congratulations you have successfully created a Blogspot website fast and easy, if you have any problems in creating your leave a comment below if you like this article share it with friends 

The next post will be how to upload a theme of your choice so subscribe to get the update on your Email to thank you. 

Xander | Author

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