What are domain names?  

After you have created your website on Blogger if you don't know how to create it you can check this post out How to create a Blogger website after you  have created it and you see .blogspot.com on your URL and you don't like it and you want to put your own domain name the best place to purchase a domain name is 

The best platform to buy domains 

Once you have purchased the domain name follow these steps to connect your domain to your blog

How to connect your domain to your blog 

Step 1: Go to your Domain DNS settings and copy the Domain name you just purchased and Goto Blogger >>> Dashboard >>> Settings on Custom Domain and apply the domain name you copy and put www. the domain names.com and click on save you will see a message like this on the image below

How to a CNAME

All you have to do is to copy the code there said you should apply on your Domain DNS settings and create TWO CNAME: and A Record four and copy the codes Example:
www >>> past it to the CNAME  name
ghs.google.com >>> to the CNAME target do something to the other code 

How to add A Record 

Step 2; Add a new Record name to A Record ×4
Name: www 
Ip address 👇👇

This is the Ip address past the code as you see it on the image below 

How to apply it to your blog 

Step 3; once you have must have filled in all the details now go back to your Blogger Dashboard >>> Settings >>> Custom Domain and put the domain name as I put it before www. domain name.com and click save when it saved turn on the following options 
Redirect domain
HTTPS availability 
HTTPS redirect

If you have turned it on check if your Domain is working if is working Congrats, if not you have to go to your Domain DNS Settings turn on all the TTL records and change it to automatically to all and save it if you purchase your domain name from Namecheap do this and save your domain with automatically connect to your web site if you have any problems in connecting yours leave a comment below if you like this article share and comment thank you. 
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