Welcome to another article on xandertech in this article am going to show and explain the meaning of HTML EDITOR, so keep reading and follow the instructions.


Html Editor is an app that helps you to edit the code on your blogger template {THEME}.

Steps on how to use it

Step 1: go to your blogger dashboard theme_click on the arrow that points down click on it and click on back up the file will be downloaded on your phone, now goto your anwriter and upload it there, what if i don't know who to use the app, I know that will be your question, am going to show you all the interface of the app and how you can use them.

Step 2: Once you have downloaded the app using this link lunch the app it will take you to a page like this

Best HTML Editor 


  • 1.+ you use this one to start a new work
  • 2.📂 Folder is used to import the template you downloaded from your website 
  • 3.💾 Is used to save your project (work) 
  • 4.↩️ Is used to undo your work you don't like
  • 5.🔺 Is sign is used to view how your code will look on the website 
  • 6. Number six(6) are symbols used in coding
  • 7.📑 View your unfinished work
  • 8. Search - is used to search a code
  • 9. Copy - is used to copy any code you want to copy 
  • 10. Paste - is used to paste a code 
  • 11. Save as - is used to save your work as a file........ 

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